Meet Liz

Meet Liz Griffin

“I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with people from all walks of life in an accessible, safe and fun way. My teaching style is not about trying to make you put your feet behind your ears! It is about learning to bring balance and stability into your life.”


200 hour yoga teacher diploma (Sivananda School, 2006)
300 hour teaching certificate (Samudra School of Living Yoga, 2014)
500 hour teaching diploma (Yoga Alliance UK, 2015)
Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance UK, 2016)
Yoga Teacher Trainer (Yoga Alliance, 2017)

LL.M International Human Rights Law (University of Essex, UK, 1999) & B.A East European Language, Literature and Regional Studies (University of London, UK)

Liz is a Senior Yoga Teacher (RYT)

Over the past 20 years Liz has combined her passion for yoga on the mat with public service off the mat (karma yoga).

Liz commenced her career working for humanitarian NGOs during the war in the former-Yugoslavia. She then moved into the human rights and international legal field. As an expert in human rights protection, Liz has lived and worked around the world, including in Afghanistan, Costa Rica, India, Kosovo, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Croatia.

Liz started practicing yoga 20 years ago whilst living and working in some highly challenging and dangerous situations as a way to release stress and get out of thinking mind. After a harrowing deployment to Afghanistan in 2003 Liz became a serious yoga practitioner.

Liz qualified in 2006 with the Sivanada School (200 hour diploma). She then met her master teacher Shiva Rea and mentor Coral Brown and fell in love with Prana Vinyasa Flow™. After 8 years of intensive study with Shiva Rea, Liz gained her 300 hour diploma in 2014 with the Samudra School of Living Yoga. In 2015, Liz was awarded her 500 hour certificate and in 2016 she attained the status of Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer in 2017 (Registered with Yoga Alliance, UK).

Liz continues to act as a catalyst for change in her capacity as Honorary Fellow, University of Essex and Honorary Extraordinary Professor, University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Liz speaks fluent Spanish and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/Montenegrin.

  • "Liz is a great teacher who has made everyone in her classes very comfortable, however much of a beginner...Afterwards, the benefits are clear - body nicely tuned up, and mind in a more relaxed, grounded place". Alan
  • " I was a complete beginner and feel like I've learnt so much already. I'm so glad I've stated learning yoga with Liz! She's an amazing teacher and really gets people to believe in themselves!" Emily
  • "Liz is a fantastic yoga teacher, I love her classes. Whatever level you are at Liz will adapt to suit your personal level. I Would definitely recommend giving her classes a go". Nicole
  • "Having an amazing teacher makes it all the better". Phillipa
  • "I love Liz. She's an amazing yoga teacher. Doesn't matter what level you are at. She helps you achieve your goals. She's amazing!" Donna
  • "I would hide at the back of the classes, intimidated by everyone else. Taking one-on-one sessions with Liz meant I had nowhere to hide. It was the best decision I made to get the basics with Liz" Liz

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