Griffin Yoga

Senior Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Mentor & Activist

"This is so much more than a yoga practice! It's a transformative journey which has changed my life".


  • "Liz is a great teacher who has made everyone in her classes very comfortable, however much of a beginner...Afterwards, the benefits are clear - body nicely tuned up, and mind in a more relaxed, grounded place". Alan
  • "Having an amazing teacher makes it all the better". Phillipa
  • "I love Liz. She's an amazing yoga teacher. Doesn't matter what level you are at. She helps you achieve your goals. She's amazing!" Donna
  • "I had a very serious car accident which led to my flexibility being very limited and left me with joint pain. Yoga has improved the pain hugely and is my little bit of sanctuary each week from a mad world! " Alison
  • "This is so much more than a yoga practice! Prepare to be inspired, challenged and to explore and learn. This is a transformative journey that has changed my life and allowed me to better understand and accept myself". H

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